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Bundy, Sterling or Genealogy’s Whiteout: Racial Justice – Are We Systemically Aware?

Tonight AAGSAR returns to You Got Roots?!, our BlogTalkRadio series kick-started to encourage cross-culture dialogues on issues impacting the lives and research efforts of People of Color.

On tap this evening, You Got Roots?! will go-in on racism, prejudice and culture bias as experienced by People of Color — both on and offline. A discussion that includes examining dynamics within the broader Genealogy community? FOR SURE but not exclusive to it!

Race-issues swirling inside the Genealogy community thrive due to society’s acceptance of race disparities as they apply to People of Color in general. Racism persists because society grants a select few permission to perpetuate it — and to be fair, because the “select few” make conscious decisions not to acknowledge and change immoral artifacts inherited from our blemished history.

Mainstream Genealogy thought leaders, companies and groups [unfortunately] take their social/engagement queues from peers and the culture at large. The result? A prolific, familiar dysfunction where the interests of People of Color are at worse ignored and at best, tolerated.

If you haven’t already, you must (yes, MUST) checkout Jay Smooth of Colorlines as in 4:38 minutes he breaks down why we’ve made very little headway in having a productive discourse on race — Moving The Race Conversation Forward.

“When we constantly focus only on individual stories it distorts our sense of how racism works. It encourages us to see racism only as the product of overt intentional racist acts by individuals that can be fixed simply by shaming and correcting those individual defects.

And it encourages us to see individual stories of transcending racism as proof that there is no more racism. That if we have a black President and Oprah is a billionaire then there must not be anything else to talk about. And any problems that other People of Color face must be due to deficiencies on their part. It must be a problem with THEM instead of a problem with THE SYSTEM.” – Jay Smooth

Need MORE food for thought? No worries — read our dude Michael Twitty of Afroculinaria spitting Cliven Bundy TRUTH and Michael Skolnick of Global Grind on FIRE about the Sterling comments of earlier this week.

I’m with both Michaels — enough is enough. My patience and tolerance for the level of ignorance People of Color are subjected to — in ANY environment — is G-O-N-E.

GENEALOGY: Diversity In Black & White – The Problem (Part I) | Want to be heard? (347) 838-8307
Time: 6-7PM ET

Let’s talk Good People. It’s ON!

Luckie | #YouGotRoots

ESSENTIAL READING: Moving the Race Conversation Forward Parts I & II by Colorlines

You Got Roots?! People of Color Where Are We on the Journey?

The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American CapitalismTonight at 6PM ET we return to our You Got Roots?! virtual round-table to talk with Cornell University Historian Edward E. Baptist about his recent Chicago Sun-Times op-ed, American finance grew on the back of slaves and catching-up with genealogy blogger Taneya Koonce on her recent JET Magazine feature, Rooted In Family History.

We’re taking a ‘pulse-check’ on where People of Color are on the journey to restore their family legacies – past and present.

Both Ed and Taneya have projects in the making that are of HUGE interest to African American researchers tracing their slave ancestry! So STAY TUNED!

Tonight’s Program:

  • Welcome and You Got Roots Intros
  • Let’s Talk Interview — Ed Baptist and Taneya Koonce
  • Twitter & Chat Community Questions/Comments — what would you like to know or share? Dial-in:  (347) 838-8307
  • Weekly TECH TIP — Family Tree Building! Tools & Best Practices by Taneya Koonce
  • Wrap-up!:)

Alright y’all 6PM ET! In the words of Marvin………………… LET’S GET IT ON!:)

Luckie | @AAGSARFacebook | #YouGotRoots #YGRLetsTalk

You Got Roots?! We Do & AAGSAR BlogTalkRadio Too!

Go Hard or Go HomeIt never fails. Anytime an African American person takes a pro-active [vs. passive] posture in discussing matters of racism and cultural bias in a non-black arena, we’re quickly painted with a broad-stroke — race-baiter, fight-starter, antagonist, troublemaker. BULLY!

If you’re a plain-spoken black woman, go ahead and augment your derogatory “coloring” with aggressive, defensive, threatening and volatile too!

This reverse race-card labeling, delivered by the always undeserving accuser is as dependable as clock-work.

It is an unwritten social-rule in our fractured culture — at all times, African American people should apply saint-like passivity, patience and diplomacy when confronting matters of race. We should be stoic; always traveling along the “high-road”. We should implore those denying us the freedoms we deserve with insightful lessons on inclusion and diversity, right?

After 14 years of maintaining an online presence in the genealogy community, and 40+ years of being brown America, I’m rarely shocked by the swirl following one of my “Come to Jesus” Our Georgia Roots blog posts and/or Twitter comments!

Are not the contributions of my once enslaved Ancestors worthy of society’s acknowledgement? As the 21st Century living descendant preserving their legacies, do I not have every right to expect unbiased access to the historic records, resources and technology impacting my ability to successfully trace my ancestry?

As the Great Granddaughter of Ancestors who thrived far beyond the Jim Crow South they survived, and the Granddaughter of Ancestors who in 1963 Marched on Washington believing we’d live the American Dream, you can count on me raising cane about not being a full beneficiary of it in 2014!

The struggle to not weigh down the shoulders of my beautiful brown children with America’s persistent DNA memory of race hatred and fear is exhausting, and witnessing Mamas who look just like me grieve dead sons who look just like mine, leaves me enraged. Damn right I’m going to talk about it!

BlogTalkRadio - You Got Roots?!

When AAGSAR You Got Roots BlogTalkRadio goes live next Sunday evening on March 2 at 6PM ET, expect no less. I make no apologies. I don’t have another 15 years to willingly invest tiptoeing around racially-biased but socially-sensitive feelings.


The goal of You Got Roots?! is to gather progressive like-minds [not like-races] in discussions about how we individually and collectively push the dial forward. Genealogy. Technology. Innovation. Education. History. Social Justice. Advocacy. Collaboration. Community. Community. Community!

It’s time to talk y’all! Let’s build TOGETHER.


Luckie | You Got Roots?!