You Got Roots?! Culinary Historian Michael Twitty’s Coming to School Us!

Michael Twitty - AfroculinariaI always marvel at brown/black folks who are at home in their own skin; so comfortable with self they shine BRIGHT in the presence of any audience.

For the American African-descendant that’s no easy task! In a culture yet to make peace with its deeply engrained race-hatred, brown/black children are often encouraged, trained and taught to be anything other than their naturally beautiful selves.

Embracing and loving you in America takes courage — and character. That’s why I dig Culinary Historian Michael Twitty of Afroculinaria so much!

Black. Jewish. Gay. Educator. Activist. Antebellum Chef, fighting for Culinary Justice AND sanctioning his own words too — BLACKIFIED?!

Unapologetic. Brilliant. Gifted. Michael. What’s not to admire?!:)

AAGSAR’s beyond excited to chat with Michael on this Sunday’s (3/9) You Got Roots segment!

From craving Michael’s Lowcountry Many Rivers to Cross fixins, to being moved by his gracious delivery of an Open Letter to Paula Deen, to being schooled on the exploitation of my Slave Ancestors skills and labor via his MAD Symposium lecture. EVERYTHING about Michael Twitty is unexpected, relevant, and authentic!

He’s exactly what a 21st Century Thought Leader should be!

So how does one create a Michael Twitty? Just ask Michael and his glorious Ancestors!:)

Happy Kwanzaa 2013: The Genetics of an American Cook

IGenetics of an American Cook - I
Genetics of an American Cook - II
Genetics of an American Cook - III
Genetics of an American Cook - IV
Genetics of an American Cook - V
Genetics of an American Cook - VI
Genetics of an American Cook - VII
Genetics of an American Cook - VIII
Genetics of an American Cook - IX
Genetics of an American Cook - X
Genetics of an American Cook - XI

You Got Roots. Sunday, March 9 at 6PM ET. Join us! It’s time for SCHOOL y’all!:)


Image Source – Artwork by the talented and so sweet, Miyuki

15 responses to “You Got Roots?! Culinary Historian Michael Twitty’s Coming to School Us!

  • Marissa

    I LOVE this! I’ve been wanting to learn more about African American foodways and what our ancestors ate. There was an oral history project done a few years ago where Native American elders spoke about what their families and tribes ate ( and ever since seeing that I wanted to know more about African American food. Michael has beautifully woven together food, history, and his ancestral journey. This is so inspiring! Ok, I’m through gushing 🙂 Looking forward to the conversation

    • Luckie

      I must admit Marissa, Michael’s approach to our history in relationship to Ancestors, food, labor & culutural adaptation have been eye-opening for me. I’m SUPER excited to chat with him & hopeful he’ll return to hang out often in the future!:)

    • anjamarallen

      Very delightfully written narrative that kept me engaged and eager to read more about your journey, the African Countries from whence we come and the food choices of our ancestors that
      has never left us to this very day.

      • Luckie

        Correct Andrea, the pulse of our Ancestors runs DEEP in our veins. I love discovering everyday just how far our Ancestors time stamp reaches.

  • anjamarallen

    Reading your post was delightful. I loved the way you connected the Countries in Africa to the various Colonies in the States to the types of food they may have eaten. Its amazing how we have retained much our food culture despite slavery. Reading what you wrote about people from Cameroon landing in Virginia is helping me to become one step closer to my earlier ancestors.

  • True!

    This is gonna be Great! I love how he incorporates History and Food for the Soul! I’m Hungry just thinking about Michael!

    • Luckie

      He truly takes culinary art to another level all while schooling folks on the gifts of our Ancestors at the same time! Michael is NO JOKE!:)

  • claimingkin

    I absolutely LOVE it when he calls what African Americans have accomplished with food as “edible jazz.” Oooo- weee . . . that sure sounds mighty good — HA!

    • Luckie

      Say Amen Somebody! What Michael creates & how he defines it is musical! Very excited about sitting down with him to “break bread” on the Ancestors, food & Social Justice! Yeah, this is GOOD!

  • Joann

    Amen Amen!! Luv the post, and looking forward to this broadcast. A history lesson like no other. This is a taste of what’s to come!

    • Luckie

      JMac- although I’d be happy to sample some of what Michael served-up for Many Rivers, I’m ready for the spiritual Soul Food he’ll drop Sunday! Totally STOKED!:)

  • iyatee

    I really enjoyed this post, especially how he told us about his connection to Africa through his DNA results. It wasn’t a static citation of DNA numbers– he wove a story that gave a clear picture. I also loved the African food references, which shows the African presence in the Americas cultures.

    • Luckie

      Exactly! Michael delivered in true “Griot” fashion didn’t he?! He’s an Ancestor returned for sure! That’s an Old Soul walking in 21st century shoes!:)

  • Bernita

    Great and very interesting post. I find his approach to our history fascinating. I am looking forward to hearing what Michael has to say about his journey.

    • Luckie

      I loved Michael’s Genetic Recipe & Miyuki’s amazing artwork! Creativity & Griot-like stroytelling at it’s best! So excited to be chatting it up with him & you Sunday! Only thing missing is his touch on the food!:)

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