LIBATION: Tribute To The Ancestors

Homage to the Ancestors


Water Offering to the Known and Damballah (Unknown) Ancestors

I show honor and respect to the spirits on my mother’s side.

I show honor and respect to the spirits on my father’s side.

I show honor and respect to the spirits which are known to me.

I show honor and respect to the spirits which are unknown to me.

To my Ancestors; to those remembered.

To those whose names which are forgotten, lost in the seas of time, I honor you.

To those whose ashes which have been scattered to the four winds, I honor you.

To those whose bones that lie within and upon this land, I honor you.

To you, from the living.

Ashe-O! So be it!

Image Source: Homage to the Ancestors by Ilari OBA, At the Crossroads: Afro-Cuban Orisha Arts in Miami Exhibit – Historical Museum of Southern Florida

11 responses to “LIBATION: Tribute To The Ancestors

  • kristin

    Ashe! The collage is BEAUTIFUL!

    • MyLuckieGroove

      Right before the Ancestors called me to do this work, I *stumbled upon* this collage by Ilari Oba. It’s been at least 15 years ago. This collage tugged at me. I’ve always loved it & held it close. This is the first time I’ve ever used it for anything. It was time.

  • claimingkin

    Kristin is right, this collage is BEAUTIFUL. It’s like a digital quilt — a true visual feast of ancestor love, imagination, and expression. Well done, well done!

    • MyLuckieGroove

      It’s truly an Ancestor work of art — Homage to the Ancestors created by Ilari OBA many moons ago! The first time I’d ever “knowingly” felt the tug of Ancestors was when I saw this collage — 15 years ago!:)

  • Denise Muhammad

    BEAUTIFUL! Amazing job Luckie! 🙂

  • True!

    That went right to my “Soul”. I’m so Glad they are with me……

  • Valerie D. Lewis-Mosley

    I am smiling! I have been designing and preparing my Doctorate of Ministry Research Project since July. December 31, 2013 at watch night service was the initiation of the Project. It was introduced with a litany and libation of the Church Ancestors who built our home Church. A Black Catholic Worshipping Community built by the ancestors Black Catholic Lay Women. The first in the state of New Jersey. the research is a recovery of the names and oral narratives of these Holy a Cloud of Witnesses of 84 years ago and Sharing their Vision as it connects with the oral narratives of the elders and women of today celebrating this Black Catholic Spirituality and Jubilee. The a Project is Named
    Sankofa Aggiornamento Jubilee: recovering our past envisioning our today imagining our tomorrow. So of course I smile when I see this wonderful work…..

  • Nique Starpg

    Beautiful!!! Loving this collage of faces and ancestors!!!!!!

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