It’s ALL a Leap of Faith! Welcome to AAGSAR!

DREAMFORWARD Inspiration #5Yesterday when Bernita of Voices Inside My Head commented she’d be willing to take a leap of faith in joining our Twitter genealogy community, I responded quickly with the truth:

“The way AAGSAR approaches genealogy research and leverages smart technology has not been done before. It’s ALL a leap of faith! So KEEP FLYING!:)”

I wish I were smart and/or discerning enough to have planned all of this, but I’m not. All I knew in August when I felt the *nudge* was it was time to return to my Ancestor research, and I wanted to help as many researchers as possible progress. That’s how AAGSAR began.

Every time I ask AAGSAR Members to GO HARD — the Ancestors make me reciprocate!:)

I think of the folks who joined AAGSAR steadfast against blogging, who are now among of our shining stars — and teachers! The countless “cousin connections” and DNA analysis we’ve enjoyed. The tremendous amount of teaching, support and real make you lose LOTS of sleep Ancestor work happening in community daily. The community members who QUICKLY stick-up for me when somebody steps out of line and have nicknamed me The Principal. The way EVERYBODY steps-up to give our Newbies what they need to settle in.

We might be virtual but we ARE Family! I’m charged with making sure the needs of our family — and Ancestors — are taken care of. You Got Roots is yet another leap to that end!

New family and friends, You Got Roots should make it easier for those outside AAGSAR’s Facebook Community to connect and keep up with our latest and greatest!:)

So get ready AAGSAR Tribe and friends, 2014 is going to be one heck of a year and we’re no longer flying y’all — we’re SOARING!:)

Happy New Year Family!

Our Georgia Roots | Our Alabama Roots | Daniels Is My Name

14 responses to “It’s ALL a Leap of Faith! Welcome to AAGSAR!

  • Bernita

    Creative, innovative, supportive highly intelligent, that is what I see in you. I do believe you are smart and discerning enough to have planned ALL this. You did it by answering your Ancestor’s call. Your Ancestors had faith in you to wake us all up! I can see all of our people standing around and rejoicing at how far we’ve. My family and I are thankful you returned and started AAGSAR. None of what we have accomplished as a group would have happen it it wasn’t for you and that “nudge” in August. We are teaching, supporting, learning and cheering, yes we are Family! A family that I am truly proud to belong too! Yes, we are SOARING!

  • M Dawn

    AAGSAR is an amazing family of committed genealogy researchers because our Principal and our ancestors demand it of us. Its not just brick walls that are not permitted in this group; settling for less than the best of our efforts is also a no-no. We go hard or go home, as Luckie says, and our leader models that every day. We are blessed to be doing this work together.

    • MyLuckieGroove

      We are indeed to be doing this work together Dawn! ONLY the Ancestors can orchestrate something this good! It’s been the anchor my heart needed this year. I am lucky in every sense of the word!:)

  • lovemovesme2013

    Your spirit and your drive brought a Steve Miller song to mind, “Fly Like An Eagle” You dear Ms Daniels are a wonderful force of positivity, you have and are bring together a fantastic group of people! You rock hard!

  • True!

    Encouragement and Growth. So glad for AAGSAR! and our “Principal Daniels”. Everyone has made me Grow and Blossom. I stand Tall and Proud. I’m not Alone. At my weakest Old and New have pushed me along with the Ancestors to do Better by Them. Every time I get up I will start with a ShoutOut to my Community. AAGSAR was my turning Point in Research and Developement. It got me from behind the Shadows. Yes! I’m Soaring Now…..2014 will show the Best to Come. Thanks to All of You for Everything. We are just around the Corner! Bringing in a BANG! Love to you All. Luckie THANKS for standing by Us and bringing out the BEST in US and creating this FORUM with REAL TALK. Salute!

    • MyLuckieGroove

      Pure Ancestor Foot Soldier! I can always depend on you True & that means the WORLD to me! You Champion the cause & are there to encourage our Newbies along! Your Ancestors are proud of you & so am I. You rose to the Challenge! Here’s to 2014!:)

  • Joann

    When you sent out the call, people not only showed up, they showed out through the phenomenal stories of family history shared across the web. You are the wind beneath our wings; flying high soaring to the next level, and the voice for many..Thanks for all you do! Happy New Year!

    • MyLuckieGroove

      Happy New Year JMac & thank you for vesting in AAGSAR with me! You guys keep me inspired! It’s been an amazing 6 months & I’m anxious to see what the Ancestors have planned!:)

  • Stephani Juleeana Miller

    #BLOGFEST2014 Happy New Year to you all and may it be the best one yet!!!

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